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If you've been diagnosed with tennis elbow, this do-it-yourself video, created by experienced hand therapists, answers all of your questions. Learn valuable tips to decrease pain and follow a 4 stage exercise program.  Treat yourself anywhere, anytime for less than the cost of one therapy session. 

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A counterforce strap can help treat tennis elbow.Counterforce straps can be used as a treatment for tennis elbow. +
  • Tennis Elbow Exercises: Range of Motion & Strengthening 

  • Helpful Hints to Decrease Pain

  • Tennis Elbow Stretches

  • How to Wear a Tennis Elbow Strap Correctly

  • Managing Pain with Heat, Cold, and Massage

    Eccentrics are an important exercise for tennis elbow.Eccentric exercises are used to treat tennis elbow. +
  • When to Use a Tennis Elbow Brace

  • Information on Causes of Tennis Elbow

  • Ergonomics & Work Station Set-Up Tips

  • 40 Tips on Returning to Tennis and Golf

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Too busy to watch the video every day? Print the home program and do the exercises on the go!

If you're getting therapy for tennis elbow, this product can also be used in conjunction with your program.

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What Is Tennis Elbow?

Learn treatment for tennis elbow.

Lateral Epicondylitis, more commonly known as tennis elbow, is a tendonitis that affects the outside of the elbow.  In the early stages, it is considered to be an inflammatory condition in the tendon, which attaches muscle to bone. Tennis elbow is most often caused by overuse of the muscles that lift the wrist up, which originate at the elbow. If the condition persists for several months, it can progress to a chronic tendonosis, which shows degenerative changes in the tendon rather than inflammation. These changes weaken the tendon, leading to small tears. Because a tendon has poor blood supply, healing is a slow process.

What Causes Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is an overuse injury of the wrist extensor muscles and is the most common condition at the elbow. Contrary to it's name, tennis elbow has many causes besides playing tennis. It can be any repetitive or jarring activity, whether work or play, that you aren't accustomed to doing or you do for longer than usual. That being said, poor technique and body mechanics can also be a factor in contributing to lateral epicondylitis. Once the tendon is irritated, normal and even light activties can now be painful because this muscle group is activated whenever we use our hand. Though the onset is usually gradual, a sudden irritation can occur from a direct blow to the lateral epicondyle or a forceful, torquing motion of the arm. 

Tennis Elbow Symptoms:

Tennis elbow is characterized by pain on the lateral epicondyle, which is the bony prominence on the outside of the elbow. This will usually be tender to the touch with pain that may radiate into forearm muscles. Elbow pain can occur at rest and usually increases with activity, especially with gripping or lifting objects. You may notice weakness of the arm, particularly when gripping. Pins and needles are not present with lateral epicondylitis. 

Tennis Elbow Treatment Myths:

  • "My friend knows a tennis elbow cure"

Unfortunately, as experts in the field of hand therapy, we know there is no one lotion, exercise, or gadget to treat tennis elbow. Recovery is a slow, steady, multi-step process. Aggravating factors need to be identified and modified to decrease pain and minimize additional strain to the tendon.  Treat Yourself Therapy's video teaches you to identify your aggravating activities and suggests appropriate modifications to get you through your day.

  • "My arm feels weak, I need to strengthen it"

In our clinical practice, many patients tell us in the evaluation that they've been squeezing a ball because they feel weak. In reality, strengthening exercises shouldn't be started until pain symptoms have decreased. Performing strengthening exercises at the wrong time can irritate the tendon and make your symptoms worse. The exercise portion of the tennis elbow video is divided into phases that you progress through depending on your pain levels during daily activities.

  • "No pain, no gain" mentality

"No pain, no gain" does not apply when you are doing therapy for tennis elbow. Any activity that reproduces pain symptoms at your forearm or elbow should be avoided because it stresses the tendon, preventing it from healing and possibly making it worse. The video teaches you to listen to your body and to resume your daily activities and hobbies slowly and with modifications. Watch the video clips in the free tip tab to learn how to lift with less pain!

What is a Tennis Elbow Strap?

A counterforce strap is an armband that is worn on the upper forearm and is a part of lateral epicondylitis treatment. It helps to decrease pain by minimizing the strain on the tendon during activity. The strap is meant to be worn only when using your arm and not during periods of rest, like sleeping or watching a movie.

Should You Wear a Brace for Tennis Elbow?

A wrist splint or brace has been commonly used as a lateral epicondylitis treatment. The theory behind it is to position your wrist in extension to allow the wrist muscles to rest during activity. Newer research suggests that despite the proper positioning, the muscles are still activated with use of your arm. A splint does serve as a good reminder to rest your wrist but it's important to realize that your muscles are still working. If you are wearing a wrist brace for tennis elbow, you should remove it every hour, and move your wrist to prevent stiffness.  The video explains in depth who should wear a brace and provides guidelines for a good fit. 

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 K.F., Park City, UT

I am impressed with the depth and breadth of coverage in the tennis elbow exercise program.

S.H., British Columbia, Canada

After a tennis match, my elbow would kill me. My tennis partner suggested the tennis elbow treatment video to me. I've been following the recommendations and following the program for 3 months. Now I'm back in the game and loving it!

Kristin, Salt Lake City, UT

I have reviewed all of Treat Yourself Therapy's products. I find the information to be accurate, up to date, and valuable for people with these conditions. I am recommending them to my patients.

 G.M.Holcomb, D.O., Lake Orion, MI

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This video is a must have if you suffer from painful tennis elbow!TEback2

This comprehensive video contains the education and exercises you need to help manage tennis elbow. Kathleen Papi-Baker and Jessica Karge, both Certified Hand Therapists with over 40 years of clinical experience, guide you through the program, allowing you to treat yourself at your convenience.

This 80 minute video explains what tennis elbow is, what causes it, and suggests ways to help prevent its progression. Several practical tips are included to help you accomplish everyday activities with less strain on your elbow. Instruction on massage, stretches, range of motion exercises, a strengthening series, and how to use a tennis elbow strap and splint are covered in depth. Bonus sections include 40 tips on safely returning to tennis and golf and suggestions for setting up your work station. A printable home program is provided so you can do your exercises on the go!

Treat yourself to a life with less pain! Take charge of your condition today!